Clipboard API

Here is an example image and text to copy & paste 🐕

Doggo ipsum stop it fren length boy. Many pats very jealous pupper heckin angery woofer ruff bork smol blop porgo, aqua doggo long bois doge tungg floofs. Lotsa pats aqua doggo long woofer pupper vvv, much ruin diet ruff. Blop borkf bork fat boi, long woofer.

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A simple Clipboard Manager demo app to demonstrate the Clipboard API which is built into the browser. Check out my blog post to learn more about the Clipboard API.

At the time of writing this only works properly in Chrome and Safari. See Firefox supports the Clipboard API too, but unfortionatly it does not recognise the `clipboard-read` permission. See the Note on MDN documentation.

Safari does not support the Permissions API, but without using the Permissions API it works (sort of).